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''Creating a dialogue with advertisers and companies is always my goal.''

Evan Beck is a freelance copywriter and developmental editor. He specializes in content creation relating to e-books, infographics, case studies, blog posta, e-mail and newsletter writing.


He writes web content for companies and provides competitive per-word rates.


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Born and raised in the seaside town of Portland, Maine, Evan Beck is an accomplished journalist, freelance writer, and blogger, with a growing portfolio of advertising clients and web referrals. Evan’s love of writing started in high school where he wrote for and expanded the reach of his high school’s newspaper. After graduating from high school as a Top Scholar and honor roll student, he went on to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, where he wrote for the Yale Economic Review. Graduating with a B.A. in Political Science, Evan scored a coveted fellowship at the Atlantic magazine as a business fellow. 

Though his work as a fellow focused on data analytics and sales conversions for the National Journal, he wrote a well-received article for the Atlantic about the intersectionality of the gay community. He went on to be hired as a Research Associate for the National Journal’s business team, leading the research on a capstone analysis of Washington, D.C.’s media tendencies called Washington in the Information Age. After leaving Atlantic Media, Evan went on to expand his freelance writing opportunities and portfolio, writing both for online magazines like Listverse and advertising companies. Now, back in the 207 (the area code for the whole state of Maine), he’s expanding both his freelance writing reach and the breadth of the type of client work he is open to, now including; blogs, email newsletters, research documents, and white papers.